Goto Maki

A commercial for something from SanDisk by singer Goto Maki that involves good mirror play. I don’t know exactly what it is that’s being sold, but this commercial alone make me want to get one.


Avon Covertibles

I saw this picture when a girl at work was looking through an Avon magazine and just had to get a hold of it. I’ll try to find more if I can.

Times 6

Another Misty Picture. Crossing the legs was pretty tough to pull off.


I’m guessing that’s a planet entirely populated by Yoko’s. What I’m trying to figure out even more is how to go and live there.


I’m kind of a fan of hers, so I had to make this…

My Dear Marie

All I knew of this show was from what I saw in the preview. It’s only 3 episodes long, but it is wacky enough for you not to forget it. This scene is what sold me.


kissingme was I believe the first video on YouTube I saw that made me want to search for more of the same.